Simply Jess New Music/Artist: Kimbra “Settle Down”

Someone just put me on to this new Artist KIMBRA and I love her music. It has a great feel to it!

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Passionate about mixing an array of genres and sounds into one with a soulful voice and twist to the average singer/songwriter. With anthem-like songs advised and emphasised with quirky jazz chords, Kimbras’ music steps outside the square of the four chord cliché but still mantains strong hooks and catchy melodies that are sometimes unpredictable but satisfying. With such ecclectic influences vocally and musically, Kimbras’ music adopts a fresh unique taste to acoustic music.

Having already received two NZ On Air grants and Second place in the Smokefree Rockquest 2004 along with Best Vocals and Womens Musicianship, music got its A into G from there. After 3 consecutive years in Rockquest (two of which were at the National Finals and gaining over $7000 in total from the generous competition) Kimbra created a slick live performance which was priceless along with many lifelong friendships. Grateful to Rockquest, live performance has been Kimbra’s aid and footstep into success with music. The competition trained her to perform with the state of mind like that of a band and attempt to provide rhythm, melody and the dynamics of a full band that separates her performance from other solo artists.

Kimbras’ first single was recorded at the infamous York St Studios with Welsh producer Greg Haver (who has worked with artists/ bands all over the world, including Manic Street Preachers, Lost Prophets, Carly Binding, 48 May, Falter and The Checks). ‘Deep For You’ was then funded for a Video which gained play on nationwide radio and C4.

‘Simply On My Lips’, the next funded song has recently been recorded at The Lab Studios with Nic Manders, is looking to be completed with a video ready for release by the end of this year.

This year, Kimbra was lucky enough to be asked to sing the National Anthem at the prestigious All Blacks vs. Ireland test match which served as an immense experience (singing to 30,000) and international exposure on television.

However, the passion clearly lies in writing. Equally determined to create lyrically provoking songs with blunt but purpose driven lyrics speaking of all of lifes ups and downs without having to pluck clichés from a diary. Desperately searching to find the balance between having space and musical depth. Preaching without force, frank but compelling, dancing on the side-lines of not-quite there but working nonetheless.

Breaking the rules but keeping them there as moral guidelines, with a voice to accompany the assortment of chords, with tendencies to adopt (or attempt) the voice of a black woman. Reluctant to put her music in a genre, but if forced, one might say a fusion of jazz, funk and soul. The voice providing a smooth but erratic texture escalating with grace then peaking with tortured emotion inspired by the likes of Jeff Buckley and Bjork. Always attempting to further the tone and character of her voice to create one that hasnt yet been.

Each song alit with its own harmonious discord, which aims to maintain structure but escape and exceed the limits of basic song writing. Upbeat, uplifting hooks with sing-a-long choruses and elevating progressions that buoyantly get heads nodding. Sincere on-stage presence contributes to the warmth and genuine atmosphere at gigs. With over 100 songs waiting to be toyed and twisted with a band, Kimbra is excited about the prospect of eventually recording an album.

Kimbra is now based in Melbourne and has just released her new single ‘Settle Down’ which will feature on her upcoming album ‘Vows’.

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