Who better to represent your brand, your mission and your vision than a well-rounded, well connected, creative individual like myself. Need someone to get your name out to the right people and reach out to a huge audience, I can dress up your brand and make it visually appealing to the consumers eye


Great social media, celebrity and other media exposure.  Whether it's printed publications, live productions or online I can promote your business & events or even persona in many creatively unique ways.


Product placement

Anything you want perfectly incorporated in my creative works, and/or personal appearances can be made possible. Your product will always have advanced placement when working with me. I can create a place for your product everywhere and anywhere you desire.


 I produce, attend and curate many events, photo shoots, filming and shows  that you can be a part of. That you can fund and have my Team and I market, brand and provide product placement for you all at the same time. Sponsorship allow your brand to participate in culturally impacting social gatherings in the most interactive way possible.