Gabrielle Union 90’s Birthday Party with Live Performance by Lil Kim!

Saturday October 27th, I was able to give the beautiful, funny and grata spirit Gabrielle Union a special birthday gift from me. Funny thing is she is who inspired me to make this piece for her and reconnect to my artistic abilities. I’ve been a bit out of touch with my art but one night I showed up to Kevin Hart show w/ a one of kind custom piece for him by @Soto and Gab was there. Immediately she asked if it was one of my pieces and I said no not this time :( & I watched her facial expression become sadden. That moment made me realize that people are really paying attention and I just had to create something special for her so there you go! Happy birthday Gabrielle! This was a  magical moment for me :)

Photos @donluxphotography


Many moments captured at this event! It was a pleasure setting up Lil Kim’s surprise performance. She was super surprised and turned out great!!!!!