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If you know enough about Miami, you know that the scene is all about “the look”, and that is exactly what Jess brings. She invites and hosts only the most beautiful women and VIPs in South Beach. Simply Jess has built her brand effectively into a known business by adopting it as a lifestyle, rather than a job.

After building her brand, Jess started her own ventures: Simply Jess Productions. Her Company is an exclusive full-service event production, branding and VIP concierge company and much more!


When you have a dream you can't let go of, trust your instincts and pursue it

- SJ


Jessica F. Marquez also known as "Simply Jess" was born and raised in Queens, New York and never thought she’d leave, until she took a Spring Break trip to Miami in 2003. While she was in Miami she quickly realized there was potential for new opportunities and she returned to hometown with a new outlook on life. In 2004 she decided to leave everything behind and officially moved to South Beach. Jess started out in the night club industry and quickly rose to power as the biggest female promoter in Miami Beach. The Simply Jess brand became synonymous with exclusive parties, celebrities and the overall VIP experience. She co-founded The 400 Club, which was one of the prominent promotional companies on South Beach and then ventured of on her own. Although Jess has built her new life in Miami, she’s never forgotten her New York roots. She always credits her "Queens hustle” energy, as one of the major tools that helped build her brand!!!



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simply jess the artist


My life goal wasn’t to be a promoter, but as they say, “when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade”. One of my goals was to be an artist and designer. Growing up, most people wrote in their journals to vent their feelings. I didn't, I drew my feelings. I started dabbling in the art world since a youngster in elementary school. I remember staying behind after class just to finish drawing! Art not only gave me something to do in my spare time, it became an outlet for me in my time of distress. It gave me a chance to escape from reality and delve deeper into my creative zone. Click below to explore more of my art and creativities!!!!!

F.A.M.E Gallery and Concept Store


This traveling Gallery & Concept Store is produced & curated by a collective of professionals and entrepreneurs assembled by Anais MJA of PoweredbyMJA and Simply Jess of Simply Jess Productions. Anais MJA and Simply Jess developed a vision by bringing together different forms of arts filled with all types of artist, brands and wearable art, while hosting featured events and live installations. Launching new upcoming brands is something we are known for during Art Basel Miami, we love to be apart of a launch to the world!


Visuals of all Past Events, Photo Shoots and more!