Jessica F. Marquez also known as "Simply Jess" was born and raised in Queens, New York and never thought she’d leave, until she took a Spring Break trip to Miami in 2003. While she was in Miami she quickly realized there was potential for new opportunities and she returned to hometown with a new outlook on life. In 2004 she decided to leave everything behind and officially moved to South Beach. Jess started out in the night club industry and quickly rose to power as the biggest female promoter in Miami Beach. The Simply Jess brand became synonymous with exclusive parties, celebrities and the overall VIP experience. She co-founded The 400 Club, which was one of the prominent promotional companies on South Beach and then ventured of on her own. Although Jess has built her new life in Miami, she’s never forgotten her New York roots. She always credits her "Queens hustle” energy, as one of the major tools that helped build her brand!!!

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My Story

New York native, Jessica F. Marquez, never thought she’d venture thousands of miles outside the comforts of Queens. That is, until a Spring Break visit in 2003 where she saw a whole different perspective. Ready for a change of scenery from the concrete jungle, the self-proclaimed “Simply Jess” moved to Miami in 2004. Leaving behind all the negative energy, Jess turned to a new city in search of something special that New York did not offer her. Not to mention the drastic change in weather, Jess considers herself to be much more of a tropical girl! Although Jess has built her new life here in Miami, she never forgot her roots. She visits and host parties in  New York City often.

As many of us know, true success never comes with ease. It takes hard work, dedication, drive, and ambition. Simply Jess embodies all of these special qualities and has come a long way from when she began her journey as a young woman. After a rough start, things began to take a turn for the better for Jess when she decided to move to South Beach

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Jess began working the door at South Beach's most exclusive clubs; Mansion, Opium, and Privé. The experience gave her the chance to learn the ins and outs of the club scene and the “who’s who” of South Beach; the celebrities, the models, the socialites, and the athletes. After all, life is a combination of what and whom you know. While working the door was fun and a great way to network, Jessica's drive and hunger created a need for a new endeavor.

At the time, Mansion, Prive, and Opium were three of Miami’s “hot spots” so Jess and her former boyfriend J. Little began doing promotions for the clubs. After learning the ropes, the two started their own dinner party at Harrison’s Steakhouse & Lounge and named it: The 400 Club. In less than one year, the business took off. Growing from an intimate 50-person dinner party to the most popular and exclusive R&B dinner party in Miami. In fact, once it grew significantly the duo had to move the party to a larger venue: The Fifth Nightclub. Featuring two floors of sheer decadence, three bars, and two VIP sections, this new location fell nothing short of what The 400 Club needed. The 400 became much more than a promotional company; it became a lifestyle. It represented excellence among the urban nightlife scene and it became the major destination for celebs, athletes, and entertainers. Jessica became synonymous with The 400 because she was the face of company. This allowed her to build her brand and network globally.