How should you experience Miami?

Miami has always been the place to be and a place to see. I love planning peoples trips to Miami because most people don't know what to expect but I do! I am the go to person. From your day to day activities to your nightly adventures. If your looking to book a day out on a yacht or booking your table at the hottest clubs in Miami, I got you. Check out all my services below.



day to day activities and rentals

  • Rent a Yacht - from 4 to 8 hour rentals
  • Luxurious Rides - Cars, Sprinters and Planes
  • Rent a Mansion - for a day or a weekend
  • Dip into Pool Parties and Brunches

Evenings to nightlife and even after hours

Miami is definitely a city that never sleeps! 

  • Dinner Reservations - Exclusively at all Prime establishments
  • VIP Access - book your table to some of the hottest spot in Miami
  • After Hours - Continue the party at E11evan

Check out my Miami recaps

Look through past experiences captured and start visualizing your epic stay in MIA!